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Below are the majority of my publication and paper listings, as well as formal presentations. (Media/press interviews and tv spots not included).

Some of my presentation decks are available on Slideshare


Sep 2016                    Mobile Ubiquity

Presented Mobile Ubiquity and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights multi-award winning mobile app, at the Best in Heritage conference in Croatia. One of 44 featured award winning cultural heritage projects from around the world.

Apr 2016                    3D Photoworks

Participated as a guest speaker at the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) presentation by John Olson of 3DPhotoWorks demonstrating the technology.

Apr 2015                    ECMS + ALM

A repeat of the presentation/lecture I gave in Sept 2015 to the ANSM, this time to the Nova Scotia Library Association workshop presentation on the creation of an innovativemixed content management and archive, libray, and museum collection management system.

Apr 2016                    Learning From Our Mistakes

One of 4 museum leaders to participate in the Canadian Museum Association session, presenting a failing so that other museum professionals could share and learn from one another.

Apr 2016                    Digital Engagement

Presentation at the Canadian Museum Association conference on digital engagement of a different kind — bridging in-gallery and remote audiences and experience.

Apr 2016                    Inclusive Design: From Approach to Execution

Paper writen for MW2016. Was selected as the papers of the prcoeedings for MW2016 and was also included as one of the top 20 most important papers of the past 20 years for MWXX.

Mar 2016                    Inclusive and Universal Design for All

Lecture to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WHRA) working group on universal design and access.

Nov 2015                    The Inclusive Museum

Public presentation as part of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights evening public speaker series, presenting the inclusive design approach and innovation at the museum.

Oct 2015                    The Great Canadian Quest for an Inclusively Rich Experience

Chapter in The Exhibitionist magazine on the industry leading inclusive design and accessibility practice and innovations I established at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Sep 2015                    ECMS + ALM

Association of Nova Scotia Museum (ANSM) workshop presentation on the creation of an innovative mixed content management and archive, libray, and museum collection management system.


Apr 2015                    New National Museum, New Ways of Engagement

Panel presentation at the Canadian Museum Association Conference in Banff analyzing areas of community, stakeholder, and visitor engagement, from the earliest phases of content development through to exhibition design and development.


Nov 2014                    Case Study: Canadian Museum for Human Rights – Now Open

Chaired a session in which I presented 10 highlights of innovation from the museum design and development project (related to technology). I invited 3 panelists who worked on the CMHR project from different disciplines to describe and debate the success and failure of the various innovations. It was extremely well received by the audience as a great lessons learned, information sharing event.


Apr 2014                    Integrating Media – the Full 360°

One of 4 presenters on this topic at the Canadian Museum Association (CMA) conference where I described the rational and concept design of the Enterprise Content Management System that I designed for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, focusing on why it is relevant for all museums.


Apr 2014                    Inclusive Design Panel & Crit Room, MW Best of the Web

I once again chaired the Inclusive Design stream at Museums and Web. Chairing the crit session and hosting the Accessing Smartphones: Mobile for All in Museums presentation, by panelists from Antenna International, Seattle Art Museum, Art Beyond Sight, and Capp UK. Morgan Holzer (NY Public Library) and Sina Bahram (President, Prime Access) participated with me as critiques. I was again an MW Best of the Web Program member as well as a judge in the innovation and exhibition categories.

Nov 2013                    User Testing for Dummies, Panel on Mobile, Program Committee

Co-hosted a ½ day workshop on user testing and user-centered design methodology. The workshop was sold out. I also chaired a panel on Mobile Technologies used in-gallery, with panelists from MoMA and the Ontario Science Centre. I was also a program committee member for the conference at large.


Apr 2013                    Establishing Sound Practice: Ensuring Inclusivity in Exhibitions

The above paper was peer reviewed and published by MW. It can be found digitally at the following link:


Apr 2013                    Accessibility Crit Room, MW Best of the Web

I again hosted the usability crit room however put a strong emphasis on accessibility as a key factor in designing and developing usable products for everyone.


Jan 2012                    Conversations with Visitors: Social Media and Museums

The chapter included in Creativity & Technology: Social Media, Mobiles, and Museums was requested for republication. An updated version was included. Published by MuseumEtc.


Dec 2011                    The Future of Museum

A contribution for the Future of Museums feature of Museum-iD Magazine, vol10. Published by Museum-iD.


Apr 2011                    Museums and the Web, Best of the Web program member & judge

Judging the Best of the Web competition involves determining eligibility, program guidelines, rating criteria, and performing a comprehensive analysis of submissions.


Mar 2011                    Placing Our Bets: Building a National Museum From Scratch

A chapter included in Creativity & Technology: Social Media, Mobiles, and Museums. Published by MuseumsEtc.


Oct 2010                    Building an Interactive Experience

For those who know my work and my perspective, interactive means a lot more than pushing buttons on an interface. My session at the Museum Computer Network Conference in Austin Texas explored what building a truly interactive experience means and how technology can be a great facilitator of the dialogic experience.


Sep 2010                    Social Media for Social Action

A 30-minute presentation at the Federation of International Human Rights Museums’ (FIHRM) inaugural conference in Liverpool at the International Slavery Museum that explored how social media could be used to instigate social action.


Apr 2010                    Museums, Mobile Devices, and Social Media –
Where are we today and what’s next?

Invited to give a plenary address at this event hosted by Rutgers University and the Liberty Science Centre. My plenary focused on building towards ubiquity and the perspective switch that there is no Web 2.0. I also hosted a panel presentation that addressed “a new kind of museum”.


Apr 2010                    Museums and the Web, Best of the Web program member & judge

Judging the Best of the Web competition involves determining eligibility, program guidelines, rating criteria, and performing a comprehensive analysis of submissions.


Jan 2010                    The Web + Social Media

I delivered a 2-hour session on how an organization should strategically position itself when considering the evolution of the Web, at the Canadian Museum Association’s annual Museum Retail and Visitor Services symposium in Toronto.


Apr 2009                    Reaching School-based users with museum digital content:
                                     A comparative analysis of new initiatives in Australia and Canada

A paper published by Museums and the Web and a panel presentation at MW2009. Panel discussion will be moderated by co-author Darren Peacock.


Mar 2009                    Project Redesign — Engaging Our Audience

One of 3 panelists who will provide unscripted responses to questions on the subject of how a large-scale Web redesign project can affect established workflow and business processes. Canadian Museum Association (CMA) Conference in Toronto, March 2009.


Feb 2009                    Search Engine Optimization and Web 2.0 Workshops

CHIN was engaged by an organization called the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) to share our expertise with their stakeholders. A 3-day workshop on search engine optimization and social media to registered group of 30 people (the workshop was filled to maximum capacity) was held in London, England. While there I also participated in a forum with several other cultural and higher education institutions on the same subject.


Nov 2008                    Virtual Museum of Canada — The Next Generation

A case study presentation given at the Museum Computing Network (MCN) conference 2008 in Washington. The format involved a short presentation of 10 minutes followed by a 60 minute question and answer session.


Apr 2008                    Best of the Web Judge, Crit Room Analyst — MM2008

I joined the Museums and the Web Best of the Web program as a program member and judge. I also participated in 2008’s conference as a crit room analyst. Judging the Best of the Web competition involves determining eligibility, program guidelines, rating criteria, and performing a comprehensive analysis of submissions. The role of crit room analyst required me to provide constructive criticisms and recommendations to stakeholders who submitted their Web products for analysis.


Apr 2008                    3D Artefacts: Enriching User Interaction with Your Collections

A paper published by Museums and the Web and a panel presentation at MW2008 on three new imaging technologies we used in projects. Co-authored with 2 colleagues from Canada’s National Research Council (NRC).


Aug 2007                    Agora — A Collaborative Virtual Learning Environment

A concept paper published by ACM SIGGRAPH (Association for Computing Machinery’ Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques). Published in August 2007. Accompanying presentation took place at SIGGRAPH’s S2007 conference in San Diego (August 2007) – the world’s largest annual design conference. (link to abstract: )


Feb 2006                    Engaged Dialogism in Virtual Space (collected in: Theorizing
                                     Digital Cultural Heritage).

Published by MIT Press


Dec 2005                    MMEC Conference (Beijing China)

I was sent to Beijing, China in order to participate in China's MMEC conference in an effort to monitor and appraise technological initiatives within the Chinese cultural community as well as to establish ties within the Chinese cultural and museum communities. Two years later CHIN hosted a symposium on Intangible Heritage in Beijing collaborating with the contacts I had established.


Jan 2005                    Bachelor of Information Technology – Advisory Board Member

I was nominated to and accepted a 1 year appointment to Carleton University’s Bachelor of Information Technology program’s advisory board. My contribution ran from Jan – Dec 2005.

Nov 2004                    Guest Lecture – BIT Program, Carleton University

Guest lecture to 1st year Information Technology students on my design methodology, and best practices, as well as my personal journey from law to design.


Oct 2004                    Taiwanese Delegation Presentation

Presentation given to a diplomatic Taiwanese delegation on the design methodology and history of design at the Canadian Heritage Information and the Virtual Museum of Canada (Gatineau, Quebec, QC).


Apr 2004                    Digitized Cultural Content: Understanding Our Audiences

Conference Workshop – Canadian Museum Association Conference (CMA 2004, Quebec, QC).


Nov 2003                    Audience Research and Engagement in the Online Environment

Conference Session – Museum Computing Network Conference (MCN 2003, Las Vegas, NV) User Needs and Evaluation session.


Mar 2003                    Designing a Sustainable Web Site: A Guide for Heritage

Article – Spectra (Museum Computing Network’s quarterly journal)


Nov 2002                    Design, Intention, Engagement

Seminar – ACM CapCHI, (Association of Computing Mechanics, Special Interest Group on Computer Human Interaction, Ottawa Chapter, Ottawa, ON)


Sep 2002                    The Virtual Museum of Canada: A Framework of Activities for
                                      Skills Development and Collaborative Creative Work

Conference Workshop – Museum Computing Network Conference (MCN 2002, Toronto, ON). Wrote and facilitated 1 of 5 chapters titled “The Visual Experience”.


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